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Working from home? You might need to look at your insurance policy

Filling in an Excel spreadsheet at the kitchen table or writing word documents on the sofa, working from home can be a lonely road, full of worries and concerns.

But insurance doesn’t have to be one of them and Teme Valley have a selection of options to suit people who class the living room, bedroom and bathroom as their office!

The opening point is the simplest – if you work from home, declare it. If anything unfortunate does go wrong and you haven’t declared that you work from home, this could invalidate your policy.

After that, start thinking about what you use for work. Do you have a tablet or computer where your work takes place? Does your mobile take up a large part of your working day? Declare it – right down to the inkjet printer!

The bonus to this is that, if you don’t have colleagues or clients visiting your home, most Insurers will extend cover for your business equipment, normally up to £5000 in value for no or little extra charge.

However, if you have clients visiting your home, your cover will change!

Whether that’s hairdressers, PR consultants, freelance accountants or dog groomers, businesses will require a “working from home policy” – which does exactly what it says on the tin!

Alongside this, a public liability policy might be required to protect you (and your visitors) from any potential mishaps that could occur whilst you’re working 9-5 (or longer as is often the case for home workers!)

But whilst working from home can be tough, insurance doesn’t need to be another row on your to-do list – Teme Valley Insurance Brokers can help keep you covered whatever industry you work in.

Our team are experienced at working with solo-workers, SMEs and big businesses to tick all the boxes when it comes to insurance, allowing you to focus on your day to day.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01584 290 055 and let us do the heavy lifting with insurance!

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