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Stay on the straight and narrow with Teme Valley

With over 38 million vehicles in the UK and around 246,000 miles of road to drive on, getting behind the wheel can sometimes be a stressful experience.

But there’s absolutely no reason why your vehicle insurance should ever add to your tension. It really doesn’t need to.

Teme Valley can take control on your behalf and put the wheels in motion for your car insurance cover. Whether it’s a Morris 3 Wheeler, a high octane supercar or a white van full of tools, we can help!

Cost-effective and time-effective, our in-depth searches look at over 100 different products from scores of different insurers, allowing our team to offer you a bespoke quote that meets your needs but doesn’t hit your wallet hard.

We’ve come up with some top tops to keep you on the straight and narrow when starting your search for car insurance:

  • Rule 101 – Don’t lie. This might seem like a rule more commonly associated with your younger children at school, but people do try and trick the system.

Any accidents you’ve had, where you keep your car at night, who the main driver is, how many miles the car has done or even the closest colour reference. Tell the truth – it’ll help you in the long run!

  • Did you know that naming your partner on the insurance policy alongside yourself could reduce the cost of your policy?

Plus, it means there’s somebody else to do the hard work if you fancy a quick snooze in the passenger seat!

  • Driving to meetings? That’s business use. Popping to pick up a parcel for work? That’s business use. Delivering items to clients? That’s business use.

If you use your vehicle for work, then declare it. It’s a necessity. Having an accident on work time could void your policy if you’re not covered appropriately.

It’ll mean an early start to catch a bus to the office on Monday morning – and nobody wants to lose an hour in bed!

  • The figure of your excess is the amount you’ll pay in the event of an accident, theft or fire. A high excess is a great way to bring your initial payment down BUT be careful!

Make sure you’re happy with your excess cost before confirming your policy.

A initial payment might seem tough at the time but a hidden excess cost is even worse – especially when you’re in the throes of panic post-incident.

  •  Looking at upgrading your vehicle? Or did you need a sudden move from a sporty roadster to a people carrier? Declare it. We promise we won’t make any jokes if you’ve bought a Fiat Cinquecento!

To make things more affordable, you can split the cost of your policy to monthly payments. It’s an easy way to help your wallet!

If you need any help with your insurance policy, give us a call. We’re available 24/7 on 01584 290 055 or via our website

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