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Ensure you’re as safe as houses with Teme Valley Insurance

When the sun finally begins to shine, the last thing you’ve often got on your mind is insurance.

Alongside loading up the car, making sure the kids have their favourite cuddly toys and finding a minder for the dog, it can often be the forgotten bullet point on the ‘Holiday to-do list.’

But if the worst does happen whilst you’re topping up your tan, that relaxed feeling can slowly slip into panic, annoyance and – worst of all – hours spent on the phone to your insurer.

To ensure your return from the sun and sand to a sea of calm, our team of industry experts have shared their top tips for when you leave your home unoccupied.

  • All policies will vary across their small print but as a general rule, these tips will ensure that you can be safe in the knowledge that your policy is as safe as houses whilst yours is empty.


  • Although you don’t want to heat an empty house, keeping the heating on a low setting can be a good thing to do. Not only will it keep your boiler ticking over, if the weather drastically changes, it’ll stop your pipes freezing over. As our friends from Games of Thrones say: Winter Is Coming!


  • Love thy neighbour can always stand you in good stead. Get someone to pop round and empty your post box or remove the pile of bills from your doormat. This simple step will make it look like somebody is still at home whilst ensuring that you aren’t the victim of identity fraud.


  • Is your break going to be an extended absence? Lucky you! Most policies will allow either 30 days or 60 days of consecutive days, before reverting to a FLEA policy. This covers your property against Fire, Lightening, Earthquake or Aircraft.


  •  It may sound simple but take any valuables with you. You don’t need to take the TV, the hoover and the kitchen sink but any important jewellery, small tech and keys should be popped into a small clip top bag and taken with you!


  • Then, think simple. Do you need to leave plugs on? Is your Sky+ box going to be recording anything important? Are all your taps off? Have you locked your windows? Is your alarm on? Have you hidden any valuables that are staying at home? These might seem like ‘last minute jobs’ but they should be top of your ‘Things to check’ list.


  • Give your neighbours an emergency contact. If your alarm does go off, it doesn’t hurt to have a name for them to call – even if its just someone to turn off your alarm to keep the street sleeping easy in your absence.

By following these simple tips, your holiday can be spent focussing on building sandcastles, climbing trees and exploring rather than worrying about your front door, roof and windows.

If you’re unsure about your policy or if you’re due to renew, give us Teme Valley Insurance a call. We’ve got a wide panel of insurers that allows us to offer the best coverage at prices to suit your budget.

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