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Stay on the straight and narrow with Teme Valley

With over 38 million vehicles in the UK and around 246,000 miles of road to drive on, getting behind the wheel can sometimes be a stressful experience. But there’s absolutely no reason why your vehicle insurance should ever add to your tension. It really doesn’t need to. Teme Valley can take control on your behalf…

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Ensure you’re as safe as houses with Teme Valley Insurance

When the sun finally begins to shine, the last thing you’ve often got on your mind is insurance. Alongside loading up the car, making sure the kids have their favourite cuddly toys and finding a minder for the dog, it can often be the forgotten bullet point on the ‘Holiday to-do list.’ But if the…

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Brexit warning for SMEs

Business owners who are stockpiling goods in preparation for Brexit have been warned they should double check their paperwork. Martin Pitchford, said some businesses had taken on additional premises to store their extra stock and others had relocated production and services. “In 2017/18, figures showed that a large number of companies left their insured profit…

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Drivers have the right to claim

Motorists who are in a collision with an uninsured driver still have the right to make a claim, according to a local expert. Dave Williams, said: “If you’re in a collision with an uninsured driver, even if they flee the scene and are never traced, you are still entitled to claim. “It might sound strange…

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Sue cultivates five top tips for farmers

Having grown up on dairy and beef farms in rural Shropshire, the agricultural director of Ludlow’s newest insurance firm is uniquely qualified to offer advice and coverage to farms in the area and beyond. Teme Valley Insurance’s Sue Powell has spent 30 years working in the insurance industry after her formative years involved a pair…

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Winter weather advice for homeowners

Homeowners have been reassured their insurance should cover any damage caused by the extreme winter weather – but only if their property was in good condition in the first place. Anthony Hughes, said the predicted snowfall and ice for the coming days could mean many properties would be at risk. “Last year when the UK…

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